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Precision Equity’s value-added investment strategy focuses on the acquisitions of underperforming multi-family assets in selected target markets that are relatively supply constrained and exhibit favorable near-term prospects for improving rents and property values through active property renovation and repositioning. The Company seeks to increase value by transforming asset’s overall attractiveness through enhanced curb appeal, amenities and the management of the property, thereby increasing its liquidity and improving its attractiveness to the institutional marketplace.

Being a full service real estate investment and advisory firm allows us to concentrate our efforts on creating value and outsized returns for its clients and stakeholders. Precision also invests its own money in the acquisitions that we sponsor. That shared risk makes us responsible stewards of our clients’ money.

With the depth of its senior management team in all areas of acquisition, development and management, the Company believes that it can continue to successfully exploit, execute and capitalize on inefficiencies in the apartment market.

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Victor Whitmore

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

Victor is the Director of Operations and a principle owner of Precision. Victor is responsible for asset management, investment formulation, implementation and oversight of all operating procedures and activities, monitoring of existing investments, review of prospective investments, monitoring of real estate market conditions and due diligence as well as day to day management of the firms operations and investment activity.

Prior to Precision Equity, Victor worked as a systems analyst in the Telecom industry. 


B.S. in Information Systems - LinkedIn Profile


Joel Thompson

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

Joel is the Director of Acquisitions, a principle owner and our In-House Broker. His responsibilities include the implementation of investment strategy, preparation of financial analyses, conducting market due diligence and management of the pursuit and acquisition process for all prospective investments, monitoring of existing investments and maintaining the company’s financing relationships.

His background includes a strong real estate focus of which he has been instrumental in closing over $250 Million in commercial transactions including multifamily, single tenant commercial and multitenant retail. 


B.S. in Mechanical Eng. - LinkedIn Profile


BradenCheek_Precision Equity

Braden Cheek

Director Of asset management

Braden is an experienced professional in the Commercial Real Estate Industry overseeing the acquisition of over $119,000,000 worth of assets over the past five years. Braden also specializes in the strategic placement of capital in cash flowing commercial real estate raised from a large network of investors from all over the world.

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Joel Thompson (Co-Founder) with his Wife, Rebecca Thompson below. Victor Whitmore (Co-Founder) with his Wife, Lori Whitmore below.

Joel Thompson (Co-Founder) with his Wife, Rebecca Thompson below. Victor Whitmore (Co-Founder) with his Wife, Lori Whitmore below.