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Introduction To Our Philosophy

Precision Equity believes that well located cash-flowing multifamily and retail properties are attractive investment assets in nearly all economic conditions. Multifamily real estate is well understood as an inflation hedge in boom years and recent history has also shown that demand for rental apartments can increase during economic downturns. This helps insulate multifamily real estate from the downward pressures acting on other categories of real estate during a recession.

Precision Equity follows a conservative investment strategy of acquiring stabilized, cash-flowing, but under-performing multifamily properties that allow us to add value through enhanced operations and non-structural improvements. However, at each newly acquired property we typically undertake a program of capital improvements and implement new professional property managers with a track record of achieving and maintaining high occupancy and profitability.




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Our Core Business Services

Equity Partnership

Investment opportunities are offered to high net worth individuals interested in being investment partners with Precision Equity and its affiliated companies. Precision is owned and operated by men of character who are fully committed to the deal and to our investors. Both integrity and loyalty are paramount to who we are and no amount of money will cause us to compromise these principles.

Retail Management

After closing on over 450,000 sq' of retail centers, it was a natural progression to move into the retail management space. Now Precision can add even more value to its Investors by managing all aspects of their investment.

accelerated depreciation

Precision Equity utilizes cost segregation studies on our commercial real estate assets. This allows most of our investors to completely offset their passive income with the passive losses we provide through accelerated depreciation allowing them tax free cash year over year.

Brokerage Services

Precision Realty Advisors, one of our sister companies, is a fully licensed brokerage firm. We not only facilitate your investment process including acquisitions, dispositions but can also assist in many other areas of commercial real estate investing; feasibility studies, how to find and evaluate deals, financing, negotiation, operation, etc... 

Retail leasing

Precision Equity specializes in handling the renewals of our own retail tenants “in-house”. We have since grown and now handle third party retail leasing for not only our properties but others alike.


Precision Equity is a full service provider of multi-family real estate property management and has a complete management team including a Regional Property Manager, in house maintenance, plumbing and HVAC staff. Precision takes a very strong hands-on approach to working with owners and investors. Our services are unparalleled in today's market.

Multi-Family Renovation

Precision Equity employs a complete in-house interior and exterior renovation team. We have extensive experience in multi-family renovation



Stock Market vs. Precision Equity

Precision Equity takes the pressure off of relying on the stock market to grow wealth. Thanks again for providing such terrific investment opportunities and for having the right people in place to deliver excellent returns time and time again.
— Brian J. Duck


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Our strategic finds, our renovation efforts and our proven management systems create consistent successes. This takes Vision. Not just with forecasts and formulas but with a willingness to serve and champion the community at large. We are Ambitious. Stubborn. And Daring. If these are your conditions, let’s meet. We have opportunities developing.

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